Off Platform Transactions

2.1K Published on July 6, 2022

Sellers are not allowed to induce buyers to conduct Off Platform Transactions. Off Platform transactions are transactions which originate from the Lazada platform but are executed and completed outside of the Lazada platform whether successfully or not.

Examples of performing Off Platform Transactions

  1. A seller posts his/her contact information asking the buyer to contact him/her. Contact information is defined as mobile number, email address and/or any other modes of contact outside of Lazada platform.

  2. A buyer adds an earphone to cart. Seller initiates a conversation with the buyer and asks him/her to make payment directly to his bank account

  3. A buyer adds an earphone to cart. Seller initiates a conversation with buyer and entices him/her the option to purchase the earphones from his store (on another platform) that comes with a discount or selling price that is lower than the advertised price on Lazada

  4. Seller creates orders on behalf of a non-Lazada user (whether COD or non-COD) and has the order shipped to the buyer's address. Regardless of whether the order arrives properly to the intended buyer, these occurrence are not acceptable as it is prone to fraud and returns/refunds cannot be provided to the receiver of the order.

Please refer to the Lazada’s Communication Guidelines for more information.

Sellers who are found and verified to have violated our platform rules, by inducing buyers to complete offline transactions, may be issued up to 48 Non-Compliance points, on a per product basis.

If you receive a notification for violating our policy and you would like to file appeal request, you may do so in the Growth Center.

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