Seller Origins - Get to know entrepreneur, Sam Chua--and discover how his business became every Pinoy gamer's ally!

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PC Central Computer Store was started by two gaming buddies, Sam Chua and Joshua Cordoves, in the middle of the 2020 pandemic, with a mission to deliver maximum value products to customers without breaking the bank. With a deep gaming background as its foundation, PC Central has been known to carry only the latest and best value electronic gadgets; gaming laptops, monitors, computer accessories, and peripherals.

Sam Chua grew up as a gamer, playing his first ever video game in Kinder. He had always wanted to be an entrepreneur though never found the perfect place to be one. One day, his friend complained to him about his frustrating and troublesome experience of upgrading his computer in the physical stores he visited. This gave him and his friend that light bulb moment of building computers and selling them online and this is how PC Central was born.

They first started selling computer parts on Facebook last September 2020 at the height of the pandemic. After selling for a month, they had the idea of signing up on Lazada to reach more customers nationwide. Coincidentally, a Key Account Manager (KAM) from Lazada reached out via message in Sept 2020 to ask interest to join the e-commerce platform. The transition to sell from the social media platform to Lazada was very easy. This new chapter in his life as an entrepreneur gave him more control over his life. As the business grew, he hired more people to cater to Lazada orders.

"With the help of Lazada, we can deliver our products from Luzon to Mindanao with ease and safety", he said.

Photo source: PC Central

He and his partner recognize that some buyers are afraid to purchase gadgets online so to gain buyers' trust they opened a physical store to complement their online store. The physical store is where buyers can view actual products to check its legitimacy. One of his long-term goals is to add more branches nationwide as well as to keep costs low and offer competitive pricing & continue to build confidence of Filipinos to shop for gadgets online.

When asked on a tip that he gave give to aspiring Lazada sellers, Sam said to "Look into what you are currently interested in --your hobbies. Well for me it's gaming. We fuel our passion for the business through our real passion which is playing and having fun."

To see more of Sam's products, visit PC Central here:

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