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1 month ago
Paano Po maililift Ang ovl ko,kasi Ang nAngyari,nakalimutan ko ivacation mode Ang aking shop tapos nagcancel lahat Ng orders ko and then laht Ng nagoorder sakin laht wishlist nang napupunta.please help me sayang din ksi tong shop ko
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6 months ago
What is the Top Seller?

I wonder what project this is? Conditions and benefits of joining?

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10 months ago
hi, as an inexperienced seller, how to edit feed content with high click-through rate, and how to plan? I hope you can help answer, thank you

I have published a lot of content on the feed, but I cannot attract buyers to click to understand, and there is no traffic. How to do effective content marketing for this feed?

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Is the lazcoin program wortful to joining?

I want to boost my store but I felt the coin pro was...a little tough for sellers. So I wonder if you all the sellers joining the pro getting the boosting visitors?

And if there are other unfair pros, tell me plz

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Reward coins not showing

I've been doing tasks to get reward coins but the tasks are not updating as done, so no reward coins.

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Adjust Price for Traffic Boost (not found in Assortment Growth)

I attended the LazU session on "All About Product Content Content Guide & Price Competitiveness", there's a third tab (Adjust Price for Traffic Boost) in the presentation from Lazada team. However, upon checking my Seller Center, my store don't have this. Is this available to selected sellers only?


LazU Presentation:

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1 year ago
we've been joining all lazada's campaign , free shipping,vouchers,flexi combo, sponsored solutions.

we've been joining all lazada's campaign , free shipping,vouchers,flexi combo, sponsored solutions.But advertising costs far exceed my profits. No improvement in traffic and conversion rate. It made my store lose money.

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1 year ago
Converting Add to cart into sales

Good day sellers:

This 12.12 was one of the biggest spike in page views and inquiries from clients I have had in my 6 months of going full-time selling on Lazada; on the days leading to the actual sales (teasing phase) I received over 15 add to carts, and checking my product history over 35 added to cart in 7 days. I was very excited in anticipation of the day of the sale but unfortunately only 7 out of the 35 total add to cart customers pushed through with their purchase.

Does anyone have any strategies to increase conversion rates? I have looked into joining the flash sales but as of this time there is none available. I look forward to increasing my conversion rates this coming December tech sales.

About 10 minutes prior to writing this question I created a voucher redeemable for 10 people in hopes of converting those people who added to cart to purchase. Maybe I'm doing something wrong or am overlooking something.

Any help or input would be much appreciated.

Thank you for your time.

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1 year ago
Store Traffic - where is it coming from?

Where does the traffic come from? Nagsimula akong mag sponsored solutions last week. Dun lang ba yun pwede manggaling?

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1 year ago
Hello. I need help!

Mga ka-seller. The traffic on my store is low. Please send in tips on how to increase my store traffic.