Good evening, how do I know if my registration to the 9-9 campaign is successful? I dont see any confirmation under the Marketing Center, Campaigns Tab. I added products during the end of August sulit sweldo and I wasnt able to join also.
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If I am not successful in enrolling yet, how do I know what the issue is? I had this same problem in August and the person from the Lazada chat did not get back to me, the only response was I did not tick "agree' to the agreement. however, when I said that that button did not appear, I no longer received any response whatsoever

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Hi @Maria Lorraine J E Ramos

As I checked, you have one registered campaign which is 9.9 mega campaign.

For you to check, go to your seller center > campaign tab > click view all campaigns > registered campaign > view now > view details and you can already add your products.

You can also check this link on how to join marketing campaigns /article/how-can-i-join-marketing-campaigns-548100-hc

Thank you!

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