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1 year ago

Good eve mga co-seller. Ask ko lang ano po Ibig sabihin ng pera na nasa TO RELEASE? Hanggang ngayon di ko pa alam or wala ako Idea kong received item naba ito ng mga buyer kaya to released or lahat na ito kasama ang mga to ship palang na item. Newbie here. Salamat sa sasagot po. Godbless !

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Hi Theodore Roxas,

Hope you are having a great day.

With regards to your question. Payouts that are for release are for the orders that are successfully delivered already to your buyer. But this is still in the process of being credit to your Bank account.

Lazada  has a weekly cut off that starts from Monday to Sunday and payout of that cut off depends on the type of your registration as a Seller here in Lazada. 

For Micro Seller it is Thursday on the following week and for Corporate Seller it is every Tuesday of the following week. For New Seller's the First payout is delay about 2-3 weeks because of verification procedure to check your Business information/ Valid ID , Registration and Bank Account Information. You need to make sure that the name in your Documents and Bank account is aligned. No worries ,because you will be receiving your first payout on the 4th week.

Products that are still on to ship status are not yet included on the payout that are to be release , once they are tag as delivered that is when they will be credited on your payout.

To check more information of Corporate Seller Payout, click this link:/article/payout-faqs-for-corporate-sellers-1296100-hc

To check more information of Micro Seller Payout, click this link:/article/payout-faqs-for-individual-sellers-1296000-hc

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1 year ago

Kapag po to release, eto po ang total amount ng “papasok palang sa wallet nyo” Ang mga items pong ito ay hindi pa narreceive ni buyer PERO nagmmove na po ang mga items nyo papunta sa location at kinaroroonan ng mga buyers nyo. 

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