My 9.9 Aspire to Inspire journey 💗
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2 months ago

Hi Mga ka Lazada !

First time to use our communitiy platform,

I just want to share how God Move This Platform

And be an Insturment to make my Life productive and have motivation in life. building my dream house , A Car and Successful Business Woman, is my aspiration in life

Even though there are troubles of shipping , pick ups and concern from different buyer it didn’t matter because i have a dream for my family and and i want to see through that even if your just a small time seller you can buy food in the table , treat your love ones from your small sales and Pay bills from your hardwork as a seller . 9.9 for me is not so much sales but much lessons for me that i need to surpass these challenges , it made my self strong and detailed to different campaigns and providing vouchers to customers , treat them well and have a lot of empathy because they are my bread and butter , as well as be a quality control manager to your product making sure they are safe and well presented in the eyes , i want to Inspire all my co - laz seller that we need to be humble and appreciative to any amount that we received , lift up our co- seller and be mindful to our buyers all the time . And last Don’t Give Up We Are Not into the Exciting part , There’s more in Lazada 😊 10.10 is resback time . Believe and you will received never surrender and wake up early because that is the Mantra of a Great Business woman 👈🏻 😇(cross finger for this ) Amen 🙏🏻.

Thanks po , God bless us !! Happy Selling Mga Ka-lazada💗

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Aspire to inspire seller contest is now up: Aspire to Inspire contest - Submit your entries here! - Lazada Community

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Thank you for sharing your story @ShengSheng Store it's really inspiring :)

I'm sure that many of our co-seller will be inspired also. Hoping for the success of your store!

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