How to Create Stock Alerts

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You can create Stock Alerts to notify you of products that are running low in your stores. This will help you avoid Out-of-Stock situation and potential loss of sales. Setting up a Stock Alerts ensures that your store enjoys high traffic with minimum disruption to sales—a steady stock supply of your listed items is highly recommended.

Things to Remember:

  1. Creation of Threshold Stock alerts for low stock items is only available on Seller Center Web

  2. Out-of-Stock alerts will trigger automatically once stock level reaches zero

  3. Alert notifications will be delivered on both Seller Center Web and App.

Create Stock Alerts

When a listed product runs out of stock, it will automatically trigger a notification sent to you via Seller Center.

For low stock items in your listings, you can create a customized stock alert.

Manage Products Tab

1. Edit

a. Under Product Management Page, click on More

b. Select Create Stock Alert

Stock Threshold:

- The minimum stock to trigger the stock alert notification

- System default for stock threshold is 10

- You may customize this for each item, if needed. Creation of Stock Threshold > 0 is recommended to prevent fully out-of-stock situations

Note: There is no need to set threshold = 0, Out-of-stock notification is automated.

Set Stock Threshold and Toggle on Reminder Status

2. Products with one and multiple SKU variant

a. Toggle on the Reminder Status

b. Enter the Threshold Value

c. Click Save

You will now be able to receive message notification when your stocks fall below your preferred Stock Threshold.

Notification on Seller Center Web and App

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