What are LazCoins?

7.6K1 Published on July 26, 2023

Users can collect LazCoins and use them to get discounts for their purchases at participating Lazada shops. Learn all about LazCoins on this page!

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What is the LazCoins Discount Promotion?

Why should I join LazCoins?

How do I join LazCoins?

What are Seller LazCoins?

Can I opt out of LazCoins?

What are LazCoins Missions?

How does the Lazada LazCoins Subsidy work?

Other FAQs


With the LazCoins Discount Promotion, customers can redeem their LazCoins to get additional discounts off participating products. Each LazCoin is worth ₱1.00.

The discount amount a customer may redeem is capped at the discount percentage (minimum 2%) set by the seller.

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By joining the LazCoins Discount promotion, you enable users to redeem their LazCoins at your shop. You can experience these benefits when you do so:

Additionally, new joiners will automatically receive 200 Seller LazCoins for free! The reward will be automatically credited to your Seller LazCoins account.

Sellers will only pay for the Coins Discount amount that is redeemed by the customer upon order completion (Order Received). For example, the Coins Discount value is ₱10.00 and requires 10 Coins; if the buyer only has 1 Coin, they will only get ₱1.00 off. The cost to seller will therefore only be ₱1.00.

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On the Seller Center, go to

Marketing Center



LazCoins and join the program.

Click Join LazCoins Discount Now, you will be shown a pop-up with the Terms and Conditions:

Read through the Terms and Conditions and click Join Now.

You will then be redirected to the LazCoins page. This notification will confirm that your store's LazCoins discount has been activated:

To edit your store's LazCoins discount, click on More Settings.

On the settings page, you can deactivate/reactivate your store's LazCoins discount, set the discount rate, and adjust the LazCoins discount per SKU:

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Seller LazCoins are rewarded when a customer redeems LazCoins at your shop. The rate for earning Seller LazCoins is a 70% rebate upon order completion. For example, if a user redeems 100 LazCoins at your shop, you will receive 70 Seller LazCoins once the order is Confirmed.

Seller LazCoins can be redeemed to gain store traffic. Learn more about redeeming Seller LazCoins here.

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You can activate and deactivate your store's LazCoins Discount at any time, but activation/deactivation may take up to 24 hours to take effect.

On the Seller Center, go to :

Marketing Center

LazCoins Discount and;

click More Settings

On the settings page, toggle off the Status setting.

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Missions are store engagement tasks that users can accomplish in order to receive LazCoins as rewards:

Gain LazCoins thru the following games:

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The LazCoins Subsidy is provided by Lazada to fund bigger discounts on top of the seller's committed discount. This subsidy only applies to purchases made through the LazCoins Channel page. Sellers can monitor traffic and sales via the dashboard under In-Channel Performance.

The LazCoins subsidy can apply to a maximum of 5 orders per day. The subsidized LazCoins Discount rate for these orders should not exceed 20%.

As the LazCoins Subsidy program is in its beta testing period, sellers will qualify for this program by default.* Simply activate the LazCoins Discount and Seller Coin Exchange for Traffic so that your products can be recommended within the LazCoins channel page!

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What does the LazCoins Discount Promotion cost?

The Flexible Coins Discount options are as low as 2%. Sellers will only pay for the coins discount amount that is redeemed by the customer upon order completion (Order Received). For example, the Coins Discount value is PHP 100.00 and costs 100 coins; if the customer only has 10 coins, they will only get a discount of PHP 10 off. In this case, the cost to the seller will be PHP10. The seller will then receive a 70% rebate of 7 Coins.

Sellers will only bear the cost of the discount amount that is redeemed by the customer, and there will be NO commission charge.

Is LazCoins stackable with platform vouchers, seller vouchers and Lazada Bonus?

Yes, LazCoins can be stacked with other vouchers. LazCoins Discount applies to the current selling price before Flexi Combo, Lazada Bonus, and/or Seller Voucher.

How do I redeem my Seller LazCoins?

Seller LazCoins Redemption will automatically be activated from Jan 13, 2023 onwards. Seller LazCoins can be exchanged for traffic on the LazCoins Channel Page based on a cost-per-click pricing model. Seller LazCoins will be deducted for each click that results in a visit to the seller's store or product display page based on the pricing model as determined by Lazada. Each click will cost 2 Seller LazCoins.

Learn more about redeeming Seller LazCoins here.

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