What is LISA's Smart Answer feature?

8.1K Published on September 8, 2023

Smart Answer is a feature that allows LISA to answer your customers' product-related questions.

If a buyer sends a product card along with their questions about the product's size, color, price, stock, and availability, LISA can answer those questions using the configurations you set! Keep reading to learn more about Smart Answers.

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I. How does Smart Answer work?

II. How do I set up Smart Answers?

I. How does Smart Answer work?

This is how a conversation would look with Smart Answers:

This feature will work when you have both LISA and the Smart Answer feature enabled.

A. The customer sends a product card. When a buyer visits a Product Details Page, they'll see a Chat button that leads to a Lazada IM conversation with the seller. Here, a product card will pop up, and the buyer can Send it to activate the Smart Answer feature.

B. LISA asks, "What information are you interested in knowing about this product?"

C. The customer asks a question about the product. The Smart Answer feature covers the following topics:

1. Stock: When customers ask about product availability.

2. Size: When customers ask about a product's size.

3. Price: When customers ask about a product's price.

4. Color: When customers ask about a product's color.

5. Warranty: When customers ask about a product's warranty type, warranty period, or warranty conditions.

6. Expiration: When customers ask about a product's expiration date.

7. Authenticity: When customer asks about a product's authenticity.

Even when customers ask specific questions like, "Do you have a black shirt in size L?" Smart Answer can respond to the exact queries customers have about the products they sent.

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How do I set up Smart Answers?

The Smart Answer feature gets its information from the product details that you enter into the Manage Products page. To ensure that Smart Answers work properly, please provide complete and detailed product information in the Manage Products page:

A. Product Name

B. Category

C. Product Specification

Depending on the product type/category, the fields in this section will vary. Please input as much information as you can in this section to ensure that Smart Answer is equipped with the necessary information to answer your customers' questions.

D. Price, Stock, and Variants

E. Product Description

While the Long Description section is an important part of each Product Details Page, please note that the Smart Answer feature doesn't retrieve information from this section.

For now, you may want to put product highlights in the Short Description section, which is located just below the product size table. The Smart Answer feature is able to retrieve data from the Short Description.

F. Shipping & Warranty

You can provide the following warranty information for your product:

1. Warranty Type: Specify what type of warranty is available, if any.

2. Warranty: Specify the duration of the warranty.

3. Warranty Policy: Specify the terms and conditions of the warranty.

Once your product details are complete, you can turn on the Smart Answer feature by following these steps:

1. In Lazada Chat, click on the LISA icon to go to the LISA configuration page.

2. Go to Smart Response > Smart Answer. Under Product Info Auto Reply, tick the Terms and Conditions box and click on Activate.

This notification should appear once Smart Answer has been turned on successfully:

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