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Can we switch to drop-off instead of pick-up kasi until now di parin napipick-up yung items namin.

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1 year ago

@Colleen Enrica Guinto since you're on pick-up, it would be best to keep it as it is. This way you'll have both options: pick-up and drop-off in the event of failed/missed pick up or what have you....

Just to share what we practice now, based on the numerous horrible experiences we have had, we took note of those plate numbers/name of drivers and kept a record at around what time they arrive and if they have history of failed pickups. From there, if the courier/van assigned to pick up our parcels ay may history na in the past ng failed pickups sa stores namin we drop off na lang ung mga parcels... We also noted kung ano oras ung pick up time ng LEX PH sa 2 drop offs na pinagdadalhan namin para kung hindi umabot sa isa sa kabilang drop of namin dadalhin....but of course minsan nagbabago ang pick up time ng LEX sa drop off lalo na kung new van ang na assign.

Worried about additional ops cost like gasoline for the drop off? This was one of the major concern we had in the past lalo na noong nagsimula tumaas ang gasoline...our solution was to use ebike...so kahit pa mag pabalik balik kami sa drop off keri lang what's important is ma ship out kaagad namin ang mga orders... in most cases we're able to ship out all orders on the same day we received them....para happy ang customers... Service to Sales :)

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********399 1 year ago

boss may paraan ba or pwede kaya na mapalitan ang FM 3pl natin, halimbawa diba LEX ang 3pl ng FM, pwede kaya magpapalit sa iba like J&T, FLASH, or other accredited 3pl? napaka worst ng LEX sa lugar namin. yung mga malalapit lang sa area ang pinupulutan, kapag nasa malalayo, ang katwiran hindi daw naka dispatch sa kanila, talo daw sa gas.

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1 year ago

Hi Seller, Good day!

Seller Self-Request for First Mile Change

If you would like to request for changes on your shipment provider or shipment option, you may do so by following the steps below:

1. Log in to your Seller Center and go to your Profile. Choose the Shipping Provider tab and click on Request to Change on the shipment provider you'd like to switch.

3. Select your Reason to Change. Please make sure that you choose the most applicable reason. Each reason has a specific criteria that will be considered for the request to be approved.

4. Click on the checkbox to acknowledge that you have provided the correct information in your request. Then click Submit.

5. Please read the note regarding the processing time for your request and how to track the progress. Click Close.

The history of your requests can be seen in the Shipping Provider tab.

Status Definitions:

  • Pending - Request is still being reviewed.

  • Pre-effective - Request has been approved; waiting for change to be implemented. (Note: The shipment provider/option change will be implemented 2 days after request has been approved.)

  • Effective - Change request is already implemented. Your shipment provider/option should now be the one you have requested.

  • Rejected - Change in shipment provider/option was not approved.
    *If your request has been rejected and would like to file an appeal, you may do so by submitting the "Seller Self Request - 3PL Change Appeal" form in this LINK.


    Hope this helps po. HAPPY SELLING!

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