OVL .. Please enlighten me
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10 months ago

Paano kung yung item is ready na then si buyer ay nag message to cancel their order sa end namin ..
and it will result OVL na agad?

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Good day!

The order volume limit (OVL) is affected when a seller has a high cancellation rate or is unable to comply to seller policies and requirements.

To know more about OVL, kindly check this link po.


If si buyer ang nag request to cancel the order and naka Ready to Ship na, what you have to do po is request sa Cancellation Form natin. You have to provide screenshot po ng conversation ninyo ni Buyer na pinapa cancel nya ang order. Below is the Cancellation Form po.


Never cancel orders po sa end ninyo Seller para hindi po maapektuhan ang OVL ninyo.

Hope this helps po. HAPPY SELLING!

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