What is Lazada Guided Traffic - Others?
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1 year ago


I've been getting traffic volume from 1 SKU lately and it says LAZADA Guided Traffic - Others, how do I check the details for this? So that I would know what else I need to do to increase conversion, sayang kasi ang traffic :)


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Hi! @Cindy Pascua

May 3 possible entry points ang store traffic mo:

PLATFORM GUIDED TRAFFIC - Traffic that comes to your shop through Lazada channels (e.g. Flash Sale, Home Page, Lazada search)
SELF-DIRECT - Traffic that comes to your shop directly (e.g. From ‘My Account’, or customer bookmarked your products)
EXTERNAL - Traffic that comes to your shop through channels outside Lazada such as your own website or social media

Note: You can check on your store traffic on the Business Advisor tab on Seller Center. Check details on visitors and conversion rate under Traffic > Traffic Source

You can also check this link on how to boost your traffic and sales /article/what-tools-can-help-me-boost-my-traffic-and-sales-1239100-hc

Thank you!

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