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2 years ago

Now the traffic of my shop has been stable at around 700 to 800, I don’t know how to increase the traffic.

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Hi MyohMy,

It's good that you already have a high traffic at your Store, Just continue to utilize Lazada's Promotional Tools like: Freeshipping, Voucher's and Flexicombo. You may also join Lazada Promotions , as off now We have Freeshipping Max and also Flexicoins program- Top Sellers. You can also join our flashsale campaign, products that are joined on flashsale tends to generate in increase of traffic and revenue to store.

And also you need to improve your same day response rate. You need to maintain >85% response rate on your shop. Engaging more with your customer thru IM helps out increase your shop's traffic and revenue as well, because those customer's that are sending queries about your products are interested and can be converted to sales . Having a >85% same day response rate is a major qualifier for your shop to receive invitation to big Campaign's like 11.11 and also to maintain your shop's eligibility to have Seller picks to boost products for free.

And a well decorate product description helps attract more traffic and sales as well. You can use Lorikeet Tool to help you decorate your products description.

To learn more about Lorikeet you may click this link: /lecture/lorikeet-1190-un

You may check this link to boost your traffic and sales:


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