How to track my SKUs
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2 years ago

Question lang po mga ka-seller ask ko lang po kung pede ba natin makita ang SKU natin kung naka ADD TO CART, or nasa WISHLIST ng buyer?  Saan po kaya makikita?

Salamat sa sasagot. Happy selling sating lahat!

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Kung para sa specific item for a specific buyer wala pa pong ganun. But if gusto mo makita yung data ng mga products na in-aadd to cart sa store mo nasa Business Advisor po iyon.

And if may CEM ka you can see the number na nagadd to cart then you can send a message to remind them about their items na nasa cart na nila.

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Hi Seller, Good day!

If an item is out of stock po or no longer available, the "ADD TO CART" will be replaced by "ADD TO WISHLIST" button on the product page.

As a Seller, you need to regularly update your product stock to prevent this scenario. Plan ahead to restock your product when the stock level is running low to minimize potential lost sales.

In regards with your question kung saan nyo po pwedeng makita if naka add to cart sa end ng Buyer, you can check po under ORDERS tab >>UNPAID. It is also important that we connect to our buyers for us to confirm their order.

UNPAID means the payment for the order is not yet completed, whether the customer chose to not proceed with payment, the payment failed or any other reason.

For the ADD TO WISHLIST/ADD TO CART visitors or SKUs naman po, you can filter sa BUSINESS ADVISOR to check if anong mga item ang nasa wishlist ng mga buyers natin. By then, malalaman natin kung anong product yung mga kailangan nating i-secure ang stocks.

Hope this helps po. HAPPY SELLING!

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