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4 months ago

Malapit na mag 9.9. Any tips po on how I can boost up my sales aside from joining Lazada's sponsored solution?

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Hi @Lizbeth Manlangit

Check your Business Advisor under Data Insight. Review your Sales Funnel (Visitor > Conversion Rate). If your Visitors are low, you need to optimize your listings or increase your Lazada Sponsored Discovery Budget. If your Conversion Rate is low, you need to provide better Offers to your customers (Free Shipping, Excellent Customer Service, etc). After a week, review your Business Advisor again. Use your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs such as Visitor and Conversion) to measure your improvement. Be persistent and creative until you get positive results. You may also visit the link below /article/what-tools-can-help-me-boost-my-traffic-and-sales-1239100-hc

Hope this helps. Thank you!

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