I can't find my store when searching the name
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9 months ago

What can I do to have my store name appear when I search for it? I tried searching for it on Lazada but it didn't come up.

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Hi Well Closet,

Good day!

The Seller Search Store is a new feature where the customer will be able to search for the stores on the search bar. This feature is initially piloted for selective sellers and the customer will be able to search only for the exact match.

You can try searching po through Seller Center Application.

It is also advisable to utilize the PO5 Tools to improve yous Sales and the visibility of your products.

Power of 5 are the 5 seller tools in Lazada. They are Seller Picks, Lorikeet, Instant Messaging, Promotional Tools and Store Builder.

Instant Messaging:
Chat can help you to increase your conversion rate, please maintain response time of less than 30 minutes.
Keep your chat response rate above 85% to be eligible sa Seller Picks.

You can also install Lazada Seller Center mobile application, set up Auto Reply in chat setting, make sure po you are the last one to reply in the chat.


Store Builder:

Store decoration structure and store visuals will drive click through rate.
Shout out any promotions and vouchers through banner.



Provide beautiful product description
Differentiate yourself from competitors
Make sure the Content Score is increased to 100/100.


Seller Picks:

Boost your potential best selling products on the search page.
Improve visibility and increase sales.

To be qualified:
Seller rating more than 70%
More than 3 SKUs live
Instant messaging response rate is more than 85%
Have store decorated


Promotional Tools:

There are 3 promotional tools to be focused on, they are Free Shipping, Flexi Combo and Seller Vouchers.


Hope this helps po. HAPPY SELLING!

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