OVL - How long is the OVL penalty?
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1 year ago

- How long does the OVL penalty? Dec 27 yung cancelation and its January 13 na, hanggang ngayon may OVL pa din. Also, di ba reset at midnight, but today, past 7am na di pa din nag reset.

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Hi ********493,

Good day Seller! Sorry to hear about the OVL penalty. Aligned with this one, it would take some time before your Order Volume Limit comes back to normal. Moving forward, avoid cancelling orders on your end as this will affect your metric, resulting to OVL decreasing or even possibly to zero. If ever there's a cancellation, have the buyer request to cancel the order, or reach out to our PSC to help with this.

Possibly for cancellation, it may take a week for your OVL, depending on your cancellation rate.

Happy Selling!

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