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Are there really instances that even if the package is scanned in drop off, the status for shipping does not disappear immediately? I dropped 4 packages yesterday but until now the status is still here in the app to ship.

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1 year ago

Please do check your lazada app if updated cya. Dapat po pag na drop mo wala na sa RTS mo. Meron din minsan ganyan pero dapat report mo agad baka kasi nagka-problem sa pag-scan. 

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Hi Samuel Capil Luz,

Good day , Apologies for the inconvenience .

There is probably a delay which the system updates the status of your parcels that has been drop off already. Kindly give it about 24 hours to reflect the status of your parcels. If it is still under the same status, you may file a report under System- issues and Error with Seller tools.

You may use this link to fill out the form:

And to check as well and track your Parcels , you can use this tool:

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